Comparing Shiny with gWidgetsWWW2.rapache

(A guest post by John Verzani) A few days back the RStudio blog announced Shiny, a new product for easily creating interactive web applications ( I wanted to compare this new framework to one I’ve worked on, gWidgetsWWW2.rapache – a version of the gWidgets API for use with Jeffrey Horner’s rapache module for the Apache web server (available at … Continue reading “Comparing Shiny with gWidgetsWWW2.rapache”

R Web Application – "Hello World" using RApache (~7min video tutorial)

I just noticed a google buzz from Jeroen ooms, with a Youtube video titled “RApache Hello World + POST arguments + catching errors.” In this ~7 min video tutorial, Jeroen shares with us: How to write “Hello World” in a website using RApache. How to extract arguments from a form submited by the website visitor (and … Continue reading “R Web Application – "Hello World" using RApache (~7min video tutorial)”