Free statistics e-books for download

This post will eventually grow to hold a wide list of books on statistics (e-books, pdf books and so on) that are available for free download.  But for now we’ll start off with just one several books:


Several of these books were discovered through a CrossValidated discussion:


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Know of any more e-books freely available for download? Please write to us about them in the comments.

45 thoughts on “Free statistics e-books for download”

    1. Thanks Liviu for the link!
      I recently came by that and intended to add it to the article.
      BTW, notice that the book is not yet finished (at least when I checked it a couple of days ago)


      1. The book is indeed work-in-progress. I am currently reading it and although not yet complete, it seems a good, self-contained introduction to stats with R (and Rcmdr). It would probably make sense to perceive it as a package in development, which has just hit 1.0. In the preface, the author kindly asks for contributions (as per GNU FDL).


  1. Verzani is the best out of those (to my knowledge).

    Julian James Faraway: Applied Linear Models with R, is also good. And why not throw in some Shalizi on nonparametric stats?

  2. is there any way to get literature about R in concjunction with JAVA? something about JAVA and R interfaces so that u can work R in JAVA together, e.g to create a GUI for R with JAVA??? anybody knows?

  3. Hi can we download SPSS software for free?if possible,can u send me the link,pls! and also i want a link to learn SPSS,pls?

  4. Look at Statistics Topics ebook on Amazon by Mehta, and his free web log Statistics Ideas that has lecture slides. Nearly free and better in some pedagogical topics, than the ones you cite on your list of resources.

  5. Hi. Reading about R a few months ago I found this page that gives books away for free, like this one: : Regression Models for Data Science in R (Brian Caffo).

    There are so many other for free. I hope someone gets help from this and thanks for all information given here.

    (I apologize for my really bad english. Still trying to improve it)

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