A nice link: "Some hints for the R beginner"

Patrick Burns just posted to the mailing list the following massage:

There is now a document called “Some hints for the R beginner” whose purpose is to get people up and running with R as quickly as possible.

Direct access to it is:

JRR Tolkien wrote a story (sans hobbits) called ‘Leaf by Niggle’ that has always resonated with me. I offer you an imperfect, incomplete tree (but my roof is intact).

Suggestions for improvements are encouraged.

And here is the link tree for the document (for your easy reviewing of the offered content) :

This page has several sections, they can be put into the four categories: General, Objects, Actions, Help.

Blank screen syndrome
Misconceptions because of a previous language
Helpful computer environments
R vocabulary

Key objects
Reading data into R
Seeing objects
Saving objects
Magic functions, magic objects
Some file types

What happens at R startup
Key actions
Errors and such
Make mistakes on purpose

How to read a help file
Searching for functionality
Some other documents
R-help mailing list

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