useR-2010 is looking for a T-shirt design

Katharine Mullen has just published on the R mailing list a call for designeRs who might be willing to design a T-shirt aRt design for the shirt that will be given in useR 2010.

I consider such contests as one of those good-for-the-community things, and hope regular useRs, R bloggers, and companies that are based on R – will consider spreading the word, participating in it (and maybe even offer more bonuses to the designers).

If you design something and put it on picasa or flickr, please tag it with “useR2010Tshirt” (and consider leaving a comment with a link to the design), so there could later be a follow up on your work. Even if you don’t “win” you will get positive “karma points” from the community 🙂 .

Here are the competition details, as published in the mailing list:

Participants in the R User Conference, useR! 2010, July 21-23,
( will each receive a t-shirt, thanks to
the sponsorship of Mango Solutions (

This email is a call for designs for the front of the t-shirt. The design
should be made using a single color of your choice. The design should be
in the form of a high-resolution (at least 300 dpi) jpeg, png or gif file,
and will be printed on a 13” x 13” area on the shirt. There are no
rules for the content.

The shirts will be white. The back of the t-shirt will include the useR!
logo (in blue and black), and the logo of Mango Solutions (in orange and

The staff of Mango Solutions will decide which design to use. The creator
of the chosen design will receive 5 free t-shirts plus a book token (i.e.,
a gift certificate for a book). You don’t have to be registered for the
conference to enter a design.

Please email your design proposal by Sunday, June 6, to
[email protected]. The designer that submits the chosen
design will be notified by June 15th.

Thanks in advance for enriching the conference and the wardrobes of useR!

Kate Mullen, for the useR! 2010 Organizing Committee

4 thoughts on “useR-2010 is looking for a T-shirt design”

  1. thanks for the press Tal! maybe we can also make a display of the submitted designs at the conference, so that even the designs that don’t get printed get a chance to be seen there

    1. Hello Katharine – My thoughts exactly 🙂

      If every one will upload it to (let’s say) flickr. And will publish it under the same (let’s say) tag of: useR2010Tshirt

      You could easily just embed the flickr album for that tag in the website.

      You might even offer people to vote for their favorite design, which will win useR2010 more PR (since people will send their friends to vote), and might help the judges choose a design.

      You could devise two prizes, one for the “community favorite” and one for what the judges will choose.

      I hope the R community has some designers in it 🙂

      Good luck!

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