Tips for the R beginner (a 5 page overview)

In this post I publish a PDF document titled “A collection of tips for R in Finance”.
It is a basic 5 page introduction to R in finances by Arnaud Amsellem (linked in profile).

The article offers tips related to the following points:

  • Code Editor
  • Organizing R code
  • Update packages
  • Getting external data into R
  • Communicating with external applications
  • Optimizing R code

This article is well articulated, and offers a perspective of someone who is experienced in the field and touches points that I can imagine beginners might otherwise overlook. I hope publishing it here will be of use to some readers out there.

Update: as some readers have noted to me (by e-mail, and by commenting), this document touches very lightly on the topic of “finances” in R. I therefore decided to update the title from “R in finance – some tips for beginners”, to it’s current form.

Lastly: if you (a reader of this blog) feel you have an article (“post”) to contribute, but don’t feel like starting your own blog, feel welcome to contact me, and I’ll be glad to post what you have to say on my blog (and subsequently, also on R bloggers).

Here is the article:

[gview file=””]

5 thoughts on “Tips for the R beginner (a 5 page overview)”

  1. Its a good overview for somone who just found out that R exists, but I’m not sure the title needs ‘… in Finance’ at the end.

    1. Thanks Lee. You are the second to say this to me. I guess that the few mentions he makes to Finances packages are not “worth” the title. I’ll change it on my post – thank you for the feedback!

      1. I realize that might have come off wrong! I think the paper is a great overview of R and points to great tools like notepad++ (I had to find out about these tools on my own). I think it should talk a bit more about some of the finance packages etc if it is meant to target financial uses of R.

  2. Lee,

    Thanks for the nice comment.The goal was to point out some tools to leverage the power of R. There many packages related to finance and there are all specialised. I prefered let the reader choose what he needs. I guess you’re right the article doesn’t deserve the Finance label. I’m just biaised by my experience…

    Arnaud Amsellem

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