Could we run a statistical analysis on iPhone/iPad using R?

Updates (17.07.10 + 13.09.10 + 03.05.11)

03.05.2011: “Satisfaction blog” wrote about the idea to use iPhone with RStudio – great job Julyan!

I now came across David smith’s post on the REvolution blog, pointing to instruction on the R wiki for how to install R on the iPhone!
I didn’t try it myself since it both requires jailbreaking the iPhone, and I don’t have an iPhone. But it is still interesting to know of.

The blog “Computational Mathematics” recently published a post about a package on Cydia to ease R installation on iPhone, you can read it here: R on the iPhone.

Preface – I don’t use Mac

I don’t use Mac! Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I don’t use Mac…

Yet at the same time, wonderful people like my wife, my brother, my thesis advisor and even my mother-in-law – all use mac. So one can’t help but wonder if I might be missing out on something.

Still, for a Windows user like me it is a bit difficult to understand the hype around the iPhone 4 release:

Such releases tend to look to me more like this spoof video about the release of the apple “i”.

So while not using apples product, I have a deep respect for the impact it has made in peoples lives. Which begs the question: Could you use R on an iPhone (or an iPad) ??

Can R be run on iPhone/iPad ?

This question (and the motivation for this post) was raised in an R help mailing list thread a week ago.

After receiving permission from the threads author, I am republishing the content that was presented there in the hopes it might be of interest to other R community members.

And here is what “Marc Schwartz” wrote:
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