R-users.com: invite fellow R-users to Jobs, conferences, and R-projects

Dear R users,

I am happy to officially announce a new website called R-users.com. The idea of the site is that community members will invite other R users to join them in their R projects, conferences, and work places.


This site is a “job board” for R users, hosting various “call to action” to R-users, to do stuff such as:

  1. Join a open-source or paid projects of R programming
  2. Send/give a presentation for conferences (on R, statistics, machine learning, data science, etc.)
  3. Apply to be a student/researcher in an academic institution
  4. And other “R jobs”

For example, I am the author of the R package “installr” for easily updating R on windows. However, I would love for someone who is a mac/linux user to expend my package for non-Windows users. Hence, I created a new “job”, inviting help on this project, which you may see in this link.

If you also wish to post your own “R job” for other R-users to see, here is a very short presentation on how to do it:

The basic steps are:

  1. Register/login to the site (you can use your facebook/gmail account with just one click-registration)
  2. Fill in your proposed project/job details
  3. That’s it!

I intend to promote this site on r-bloggers.com, please help me in promoting this site on facebook and your own websites – so that more of us will be able to work together.

Tal Galili

  • Daniel

    Hi, just a short note: First link (R-users.com) redirects to r-statistics.com (missing http:// I guess…).

    • http://www.r-statistics.com/ Tal Galili

      Thanks Daniel – it is now fixed :)

  • Tom

    Thank you! Will there be an additional section for people to let others know that they are available for volunteer/internship opportunities?

    • http://www.r-statistics.com/ Tal Galili

      Hi Tom,


      When a person registers to the site through here:
      He can either be an “employer” (which is what I show in the post), or a “job seeker”.

      If you want to perform both, you would have to register two different accounts to the site.

      A “job seeker” can post his resume to the site. Which will then be shown here: